12 Days of Christmas: 7

I don’t know how many of you actually roast chestnuts on an open fire, but what’s a cozy holiday night without some fireside ambiance?

Consider all the sleek options available to you if your gas line is inaccessible or installation is cost-prohibitive. Wall mounted electric fireplaces offer you the flexibility to add warmth and a sleek design feature to any space. Any electrical work required will be minimal, depending on the proximity of your existing devices. And don’t worry about overheating; the temperature of the electric flame is completely adjustable. Even the brightness of the flames can be controlled.












There is something inarguably wonderful (albeit messy) about an old wood burning fireplace. But if you’re hunting for a beautiful, easy-to-mount anywhere fireplace that is yours to customize and control, why not choose electric this holiday season?

Happy holidays, and stay warm!

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