A Product You Won’t Wear Out

Feast your eyes.

Anytime fashion and interior design join forces, creativity takes on a whole new look. (Sometimes the rules even get broken, which is very exciting). I recently discovered TING, a London and Los Angeles based design company that transforms hand-picked vintage leather belts into fabulous floor coverings. Manufacturing floor tiles and area rugs, TING also produces bags, seat cushions and wall panels, and I imagine their practical and sustainable visions for reusing leather won’t stop at that. At some point, someone probably said that belts could not be floors; I’m glad it’s been proven true and beautiful that they certainly can be. I’d venture to guess a floor composed of such loveliness would cost you about a billion dollars, but let’s not talk about price… let’s just start collecting belts.

January has been all about taking a look at “something new.” It’s exciting to peer into the creative minds of companys–such as TING–who value pushing the boundaries in product design (and know how to put vintage leather to good use).

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