Time after time, we hear our clients say, in an embarrassed tone,

“Now, I should tell you…I’ve got a limited budget.”

“I think I’ll have to phase this out.”

“My house isn’t very big, but I still can’t do it all at once.”
Don’t be embarrassed! Most people can’t do it all at once. When you have a limited budget, you have to figure out how to make lots of impact with the money you have available to spend.

If you’ve been pinching your pennies in hopes of a remodel or a little home facelift, try these design “dos” out:

Do Know the Rules (Just to Break Them): People often ask if there are certain rules for design. While some exist, I love to break them. No dark colors in small spaces? Please. Dark colors recede, let’s put something rich and dark on every surface. Find out all you can , then take your chances and do the opposite.

Do It Right (The First Time): Spending a little bit more on the front end for great quality carpet cushion, choosing cabinets with a conversion varnish rather than a urethane finish, tile underlayment, and quality installation can allow you to stick with your choices for years and years to come.

Do What Makes You Nervous: If you’re thinking of going outside the box with your kitchen splash choice, or wanting a really loud or exotic granite, or thinking you might just go for the canary colored cabinetry rather than playing it safe, go for it! The things that make you the most nervous, and the places that your designer wants to push the envelope are usually the most fabulous.

Do What You Love (and it will be timeless): The majority of our clients ask for a timeless space for their design. While few of them end up with the timeless favorites, like an all white kitchen or subway tile, they end up with something the love so much and that so reflects their taste, that it will stand the test of time. It won’t look like their neighbors kitchen or bath but be personal and reflective of what they love.

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