Designer Turn Offs: Bedroom Sets!

Get a group of designer’s together and they are bound to talk about the design faux pauxs they just can’t stand.  This month, we’ll be presenting a few of those in a light hearted series called Designer Turn Offs.

Let’s start with bedroom sets.

I always say that bedroom sets encourage a lack of creativity.  Why settle for a dresser, two identical nightstands and a bed frame all in the same finish, same wood?!  Do something fun and creative.  Break the rules! 

If you’re scared to take the plunge, start small with your nightstands.  These pieces do not have to match your other furniture.  They don’t even have to match one another!  Play with color on these pieces with a glossy color of your choice with a Lorts piece. 
Fort Collins Bedroom Sets
How fun would that be to wake up to in the morning?!
Take a peek at these two rooms…no bedroom sets in sight, yet the whole look is pulled together!
Fort Collins Bedroom Sets
Fort Collins Bedroom Sets
Already have a bedroom set?  No big deal.  If you can’t start fresh, start by dividing your pieces.  Swap one of your living room end tables with the bedside table from your (sigh) bedroom set.  Put your low dresser piece in your entry way or dining room as a console piece.  Forgo just your headboard for a fun, upholstered one.  Have fun with it!
Emily Stirn - Designer for Eheart Interior Solutions

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