Don’t be intimidated with color!

Recently, I had a client pick out a beautiful collection of neutral pieces to pull together her new living room.  She’s excited to toss in new pillows, accessories, or perhaps a rug to create a myriad of different color schemes.  But she had a question, and I imagine you do to…

How do you design with color?  How do you pull it together?

No need to be intimidated.  Here’s the first of a series of lessons on color.

This is a color wheel.  Interior designers use it to put together pleasing color schemes.  You can too.

Our first lesson will show you how to combine colors for a Complementary Color Scheme.

Simply pick a color you love on the color wheel and look directly across from it.  Easy!  That’s its complement.  Combine these two colors together for a beautiful look like this one:

Or, play with the intensity of one of the colors (go more pastel, or a richer earth-toned version of it, for example) for a look like this:

Tell us about your color woes.


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