I often catch myself dreaming of my ‘some day kitchen’ which will no doubt have Soapstone countertops! As a designer I know what I like, the only catch is, I like a little of everything! Throw in a slice of Modern, a hand full of Colorado Rustic, a dash of Old World and of course a little bit of Classic Traditional and you have me! Soapstone is my key element that makes it all come together! So if you are a little hodgepodge like me or you are just one of any of those – Soapstone can help make your look complete. Dark Blue-Gray and Green-Gray are the main colors you find in Soapstone. The pictures below are of raw soapstone that haven’t been treated with mineral oil yet, which enhances and darkens the colors.
Green Iron Satin Soapstone & Original Green Soapstone
Soapstone Select Satin & Honed (Regular)
Traditional: Soapstone countertops. Raised panel white cabinets, and a warm wood floor. White bead board as your backsplash or my forever timeless classic 3″ x 6″ subway.
Here are a few more beautiful kitchens with Soapstone countertops. All good collaborations of rustic, contemporary, and craftsmen.
Treated with mineral oil, true Soapstone can be a non-porous, heat resistant, low maintenance countertop you will only fall more and more in love with. With age, natural patina only makes the stone more beautiful. Soapstone is easier to fabricate as well making it versatile….
Generally seen in white porcelain or cast iron, Farm style sinks are another timeless classic of mine. Integrate that with Soapstone and you just can’t go wrong! Is Soapstone one of your favorites now?!

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