First on the Block to do…Something other than Granite

It seems the trend is still and will continue to be solid surface countertops. With that being said, your initial thought to that is probably granite slab countertops. Here is a quick look at a few more options for you.


Having more color options than ever, concrete once again can give you a few different looks depending on your style. Contemporary, Rustic, Spanish!


Why not?! This isn’t just for commercial kitchens and if it holds up there it will surely withstand your kitchen! I have seen this in updated French Country, Classic Traditional kitchens with a Carrara Marble Island and Modern/Contemporary Kitchens mixed with a Black Antiqued Granite. Try combining stainless with warm wood cabinets and floors, it doesn’t have to be a cold look.


Don’t get confused on the branding game on this one. Quartz is quartz; ground up quartz with an epoxy resin to create the color. Focus on the color when looking for quartz, not manufacturer; whether you get Silestone, Caesarstone, or Zodiaq they are all quartz slab products that you will adore in your kitchen for a lifetime!


If you are still wanting granite countertops. Try out a granite that has an Antiqued Finish. It gets rid of that high gloss finish and adds a slight texture that gives your countertops a wonderful natural finish, but soft leather touch! What about a different edge detail, or shape for that matter?! This island not only has a Double Ogee Step-out edge, but it has great curves to add a great Old World look.

Don’t be afraid to take your countertops that one step further to really accomplish and create that look you are going for. Remember, the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity in design so don’t get stuck in rut and don’t be afraid to ask if something is possible or not!? We love to try new things!

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