Granite Groups

Over the next couple weeks I am going to introduce you to Eheart’s Granite Groups. Knowing that looking for granite countertops can be frustrating and complicated at times, Eheart’s has simplified the process by grouping granites in price groups 1-5 and having expert designers to help you along the way.
Follow me over the next couple of weeks as I show you some great designs that you can created with each group. Before I start showing you the different groups I would like to answer a commonly asked question I have had asked over the years to help you understand the different groups.
“Why is every color a different price?”
What we consider granite is not what a geologist calls granite. Actually most of the ‘granite’ we have in our homes is made up of feldspar, mica and quartz. We have simplified all the different minerals/stones to only a few different types (ie. Granite, Marble, Limestone, Etc.) depending on their characteristics. Hard to scratch, heat resistant, non-porous…instantly classified as granite.
Granite comes from all around the world. Brazil quarries the most variety, while Spain, India, and Italy are not far behind. One of my favorites comes from Canada! The exotic stone, Labradorite, comes from Madagascar. Depending on the rarity of the minerals that make up the ‘granite’ we put in our home, the price can vary greatly.
Think of it like this. While enjoying a sunny afternoon next to crystal clear Colorado river; take a notice to all the river stones and pebbles.

What colors do you notice the most? Browns of every shade, black, dusty reds and grays. Vivid purples, greens and blue are few a far between. It is the exact same way for the granite you have on your countertops.
(Kitchen with Verde Butterfly Granite Slab)
Many people get discouraged because they think they can’t afford granite countertops. I am excited to show you over the next couple weeks options in every price point! Let my ideas over the next couple weeks help you with your upcoming projects. In the meantime, let me know if you have any design questions about natural stone.

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