Invite: Quit Being Embarassed of Your Home!

Continuing our series from last week

Think about the last time you entertained (if you can remember!).  When people came into your home, did you apologize that it wasn’t cleaner, more pulled together, that your design projects weren’t further along?  I often hear during my initial consult “I’m embarrassed of my home.”  Let me tell a little story that changed my mind forever about apologizing for your home.

I knew a woman in Romania who lived in a two bedroom apartment with her husband and six children.  They were involved with humanitarian projects shortly after the Communist regime fell.  The apartment was very sparsely furnished–a coffee table and a full mattress were the solitary furnishings in the main living area.  This woman had a group of Romanians for dinner.  She welcomed them into her home, ushered them in and seated them around her coffee table for a simple dinner she had prepared and there were no apologies made.

While this statement does little to provide job security for me, it is not the design of your home that makes it suitable to host in.  Anyone can host, regardless of your space!  So, let’s celebrate this woman’s simple entertaining style with a fun (albeit a bit out of season) meal you can share around a coffee table while watching your favorite holiday flick or keeping up with a weekly sitcom: Greek tapas!

Make a simple salad of cubed English cucumber, diced Roma tomato, Kalamata olives, crumbled feta, chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley, and crisp red onion.  Dress it with the juice of half a lemon and a rich olive oil.  Spoon this, along with store bought hummus and olive tappenade into warmed pitas.  Yum!

You’ll love this meal around a sleek Tommy Bahama coffee table by Lexington furniture, sitting on playful, super feminine ottomans by Global Views.  Clean lined serving ware (also by Global Views) allows the colorful meal to take center stage while a beautiful Chandra rug recalls the palette of Greece’s landscape.

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