From mild to wild, chairs have been evolving since the first person found it to be “proper” to sit at a table than eat with your legs crossed on the floor. From there on the chair has been evolving from what was likely a wooden stump to crazy hanging bubble chairs that floated through the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Thankfully, we have moved on. Depending on your interpretation of modern versus contemporary the modern trend has shifted from the wild of hanging chairs to sleek and functional. Minimalist designs represent an attitude of “less is more.” Moreover, being modern or contemporary does not mean you have to live in Gordon Gecko’s apartment for your chair to work. In fact, modern style offers an extremely broad range of chairs that will fit in a variety of application.

First, find what your style fits your eye. If you enjoy Country Living, maybe modern is not you. Do you like the look of fabric and clean lines? Try something more upholstered and blockish. For instance this Ralph Lauren chair is clean in its design. While not being over the top it does clean up the look of a living room and add an edge of style.

Possibly consider adding in metal or other elements to the equation to make a bolder statement. This Hugo Cigar chair is a staple which has shown to stand the test of time, yet is extremely comfortable and affordable for the amount of style you add.

Secondly, determine how long you would like to keep your modern furnishings. The more outlandish and stylish options you choose, the more chance you take on having a hanging bubble chair still in your house in twenty years.

Lastly, take your chair for a spin. Some chairs look different and uncomfortable but remember: modern style typically stems from function. The function here is sitting so it might be better than you think…

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