Practically Eco: Bamboo

If you’re contemplating replacing your floors, you might consider bamboo.  Here’s a crash course in this eco friendly alternative:
Bamboo is eco friendly because…
  • It can be harvested every 3-5 years (versus 50-75 for hardwood)
  • It produces twenty five times the amount of product hardwood can in the same lifespan
  • It is the fastest growing plant on earth
Bamboo looks like…
  • The color spectrum that can be achieved in bamboo is nearly limitless.  The color in bamboo is made darker by heating the material until the sugars within it brown.  This process reduces the strength of the material.
  • A medium colored bamboo sits at about 1200 on the Janka scale for flooring hardness.  This is right between oak and pecan.
  • It is more dimsionally stable than hardwood, expanding and contracting 50% less than hardwood.
  • Bamboo is exceptionally durable, especially stranded bamboo, which is coated with resin and can even be used commercially (in banks, hospitals, etc).
 Stranded Bamboo
I have a lot of people come into our store looking for hardwoods with a diverse palette of woods and stains.  This look is beautiful and mimics this aesthetic, without sacrificing ease of care and sensitivity to the environment

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