This time of year, people get exceptionally ambitious and their homes are no exception.  This month, we’re equipping you to take what can sometimes be a short term sense of resolve to finally do it this year. 

Face it, you’ve been dealing with your too small kitchen for years, compromising your dream master bath, and letting your home improvement wish list weather this economic downturn.  Make a change this year!  Let this be the year you finally tackle one of your big projects–finishing your basement, creating your dream kitchen, enlarging your master bath.  Or, tackle a smaller one, like upgrading your counter tops, replacing some of the oak in your home, or replacing a tired piece of furniture.  It’s time.
Here’s what we’ve got planned for the month:
  • First On the Block.  Every Tuesday, check out our designer’s ideas for things that take you just a bit out of your box.  Your design can be as unique as you are–you don’t have to do the same thing your neighbor did. 
  • *Not* Doing it Yourself.  We continue to hear our clients tell us that they are so glad they didn’t tackle their projects themselves and that they saved time, money, and their peace of mind by engaging a designer at the front end.  If that’s an unfamiliar idea to you, we’ll be sharing what is involved in working with a designer, how to prepare to work with one, and explain the design process.  Look for this feature on Wednesdays.
  • Resolve to…  Every Thursday, our designers will be sharing ideas for making your cabinetry, window treatments, and lighting work for you and make a huge impact in your space.
  • Personal Spaces.  Perhaps you’ve tackled your kitchen and bath in previous years.  Let this be the year to make something beautiful out of your home office, carve out a cozy reading corner, or have wine tasting space.

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