TREND Alert Greening and Wellness for the Bath

Most popular are two primary TRENDS in bathroom design today.  The trends are in Greening the Bath which translates directly to the wellness of the planet and in the Personal Wellness Benefits which directly relate to you personally.
In the arena of Greening the Bath are some hip products just beginning to make an impact in the market place.  As awareness increases so does the focus on these types of amenities for your bath.
One efficient and pleasantly quiet example as a Greening the Bath product is the Panasonic Whisper Green ventilation fan with motion sensor. This fan is energy efficient, quiet, and automatically goes on and turns off when there is no one in the room.  It’s available in many sizes as well as retro fit versions.

This is a Hansgrohe, Axor Electronic Faucet which gives you the flow of a sheet of water while turning off automatically to conserve water.  It has infrared sensor technology, is battery operated and has a built-in stop for cleaning.  It comes in chrome and is an example of a great idea which will Green the Bath and offer a great element of design at the same time.
It really does look great when it is installed!

The move to incorporating Wellness Benefits in your home bathroom is becoming a focal point in today’s bathroom design as well. 
The Bain Ultra Vendana System is a product everyone will enjoy.

Real daily benefits.
Authentic spa care
Treat yourself to the combined physical and mental benefits of professional- quality therapies in the comfort of your home. With BainUltra®, you get luxury care comparable to that offered by the best wellness establishments—at a fraction of the cost.
BainUltra: therapies in perfect synergy
At BainUltra, therapies are the foundation of more than three decades of innovation in personal care. The Oasis for Personal Care, VEDANA™, is the fruit of extensive research and years of expertise —the latest step in BainUltra’s ongoing quest to bring you the very best in authentic therapeutic care.
A vital need every day
Feeling better about yourself is what VEDANA is all about. Discover how the rejuvenating effects of VEDANA’s five therapies enhance your everyday health and well-being. Connect body and mind in your own daily ritual, nourish your spirit and attain the sense of balance and harmony vital to your wellness.
Superior quality components for optimal results
Top-quality care requires top-quality components and technology. VEDANA incorporates the best of both to bring you outstanding therapeutic benefits, with proven technologies like light therapy, Sound therapy, aromatherapy, and BainUltra’s high performance chromatherapy.
This system is truly worth a try in your home Wellness Environment.

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