Upholstered Chairs and Sofas: Transitional

Transitional seems to be an everyday word used in the design industry lately. Wanting an updated look for a traditional home, or to give a contemporary style a timeless touch, transitional seems to be on everyone’s mind. Line, texture and pattern play a large part in mixing styles.

This Tuxedo Sofa from Massoud Furniture has the perfect crisp lines that fit your contemporary style. Add classic rich chenill wide stripes and animal print throw pillows and you can easily put this in any traditional home for a quick modern update.

Again, from Massoud Furniture, I took a classic sofa with dark wood turned legs and soft curved arms that make a large impact. A crisp, clean seafoam green fabric and modern large print pillows pull together a great transitional piece.

This chair has a large crisp print, yet in a classic pattern, it once again is a great transitional piece. Use dark wood for a deep contrast or a light wood for a softer touch.

My favorite, the Timeless Wing Back Chair, mixed with a soft medium grey upholstry, a striped throw pillow and black wood legs, you can put this, well, just about anywhere!

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